Society for Rural Development and Eco Conservation
Society for Rural Development and Eco Conservation


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Objects of SORDEC

To improve economic condition of rural poor to eradicate poverty


Economic improvement is a process of stepping up the rate of capital formation. In rural areas agriculture and allied sectors viz animal Husbandry, fishery, sericulture etc. and cottage industry are vital source for economic assistance and all round progress. Present agriculture and allied sectors has not taken shape of a business enterprise in the rural areas. SORDEC will work towards bringing a change in the agriculture sectors from the point of domestic activity to that an industry.
To ensure education and sound health of the Poor

Economic development can not take place unless men and women are educated. Basic education benefits not only the individual who acquires knowledge, it also benefits all section of the society by improving health and hygiene behavior. SORDEC is working to create better environment for education as well as for health of the common people.

           Women empowerment
Women and girls are especially burdened by water and fuel collection, reducing their time and opportunities for education, literacy and income generation activities. Various social and economic indicators provide the evidence of inequalities and vulnerabilities of women in all sectors .. economic, social, demographic and health nutrition etc. SORDEC is working to prevent above discrimination.

To Ensure environment sustainability

Reducing poverty can play an important role in environment protection. Many environment problem stem from poverty, often contributing to a down ward spiral in which poverty exacerbates environment degradation. If environment is indiscriminately degraded or exploited, economic growth will be adversely affected. SORDEC is doing to reduce the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. Recently SORDEC is planning echo friendly Power Generation through Hydel Power project to boost up the rural people by getting light. For more Click Here

Social Justice

Social justice is defined to undo the injustice of unequal birth and opportunities to make it possible that wealth should be distributed as equally as possible. It is dealing equitable and fairly not between individual but between the class of society i.e. rich and poor. SORDEC is conducting the awareness programme, training program for undo justice to the common people.


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